Africamericanos is a multi platform project involving visual research and the creation, distribution and exhibition of artworks which attempts to sustain and influence imaginary constructs associated with communities of African descendants in Latin America and the Caribbean. It also reveals how these communities’ initiatives crisscross the continent from north to south, focusing our attention on specific narratives and the people who feature in them.

Historically, in practically every Latin American country, images of people of African descent have been made invisible, dismissed, suppressed and deconstructed; thus, it is essential to reveal and reconstruct the visual map of the African diaspora in this region and to reexamine the stereotypes that encumber this identity.

Africamericanos is a survey of historical images from important photography archives combined with contemporary photographs by celebrated artists residing in Latin America; it further features a selection of projects commissioned and conceived specifically for this exhibition.

We have not tried to limit or set bounds to the approaches of participating artists on the contrary, we propose to examine and question all the assumptions made about people of African descent until now. In this way, we hope to contribute to processes that acknowledge and lend visibility to the various communities that make up our society.

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Claudi Carreras


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Abraham Nahón


Visual Journeys in Afrodescendant Communities

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Germán Rey

Penetrating the Veil of the Invisible

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Shelia S. Walker, PhD

Revealing Africamerica

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